Biogas power plant for farmland and industrial area

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5000 Set/Sets per Year
Shenzhen or Guangzhou
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Place of Origin:
Beijing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Electricity Generator Type:
Biomass Gasification
Output Voltage (V):
Methane content (%):
Sulphur content:
less than 2000ppm
50-10000m3 customized
more than 15 years
Farmland or industrial area
Digestion technology:
Anaerobic digestion
Raw material:
Organic wastewater
Gas production rate:
High safety
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Packaging Details
Plastic membrane
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60 days

Biogas power plant for farmland and  industrial area


Product Description

 Anaerobic fermentation tank


AECPC assembled tank



 The tank is assembled by special steel plates, dedicated sealing materials, self-locking bolts, etc. There are paint film protective layer on the surface of the special steel plate after treatment. The hardness, adhesion, corrosion and shock resistance can meet the clients' requirements. 


1.High corrosion resistance, long lifetime.
2.High strength self-locking bolts which have glue cap, good function of water-seal and anti-corrosion.
3.High temperature sealant foam, can anti bio-corrosion.



B. Enamel assembled tank


The tank is assembled by special steel plates, dedicated sealing materials, self-locking bolts, etc, it’s lifetime can be up to 30 years. After pretreatment, the inside and outside of the special steel plates were coated with enamel coating which strong adhesion strength between the coating and the steel plate is formed after heating. The coating can prevent corrosion, can withstand strong acid and alkali, has strong resistance to wearing. The steel plates lapped mutually, use self-locking bolts connection and dedicated sealing materials, this can reach to the requirement of swiftly and low power installation.



1.     Good performance of anti-corrosion, long use life

2.     Standardized parts easy assembled, short construction period

3.     Hight strength self-lock bolts, good performance of anticorrosion and waterstop;

4.     High temperature resistant sealant, can resist biological corrosion



Scope of application:

1. Widely used as anaerobic tanks and sewage

treatment devices from the field of biogas, sewage treatment, chemical, electricity, etc.

2. The steel plate storage tanks of granary, oil tanks, feed tanks, wine materials tanks, and so on.

3. Can be used for manufacturing wastewater containers, filters, digesters, bioreactors, wastewater settling tanks, intermediate process tanks, sedimentation basin, fermentation tanks, etc.



Gas holder

A.Independent double membrane flexible gas holder







Dual membrane gas holder belongs to our own design and production. We can provide technical research and customizing product according to different clients. The company adopts Germany advanced flexible design and production process, has professional production equipment, can manufacture high performance gas holder.




Performance and characteristics


It is 3/4 sphere or hemispheroid, which is fastened to the cement base by the rail. The main part is made by special processing polyester materials. The tank is composed of outer membrane, inner membrane, basilar membrane and accessory equipment. The inner membrane can anti-corrosion and all kinds of microbes, has the performance of highly fire prevention andaccord with therelated products standards of Germany. There forms a capacity alterable airtightness space between the inner membrane and the basilar membrane to storage biogas. The outer membrane constitutes the sphere shape of the storage cabinet, which can protect the inner membrane, anti UV, andhas self-cleaning function.



B. Integration double membrane flexible gas holder




The shape is hemisphere or small hemisphere. The gas holder is connected with assembled tank or welded tank and cement tank, formed to a whole engineering, easy to construct, install and maintain. The whole system is easy to manage and control.



Performance and characteristics

High utilization rate of biogas. Less investment and floor space. Economic space occupation. Anti-corrosion. Long use life. Can output automatically, and the pressure is high security.

Equipped with electronic and physical safety valve and overpressure alarm, will never emerging overpressure leakage questions.

Equipped with all kinds of warning system and leakage checking system.



Desulfurization equipment




The main Reaction principle of desulfurization 

(1) Fe2O3.H2O+3H2S=Fe2S3.H2O+3H2O 
(2) Fe2O3.H2O+3H2S=2FeS+S+4H2O 







Technological process:

Biogas → Dewater Desulfurization → Flame arresting → Electricity generating or boiler


Performance and characteristics

1.    Simple structure, convenient for operation;

2.    No need of staff on duty, refueling at fixed period, one for use one for standby.

3.    Compared with wet method, need refueling at fixed period

4.    Applicable to gas with small air flow, high precision of desulfurization.



Dry desulfurization equipment can used in the purification system of biogas, farm, starch, papermaking, sewage treatment, alcohol, chemical fiber, pharmacy, fertilizer, coking, landfill, coal gas, natural gas, ceramics, food, maize further processing, citric acid, andother industries.







Mainly applicable to the removal of H2S from semi-water gas, water gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, biogas, shift gas in petrochemical and fertilizer production, CO2 regeneration gas, and other gases.


2,Main physical and chemical indicators








Edgewise compressive strength(N/cm)



Bulk density(kg/L)



Saturation sulfur capacity (%)




3,Operation conditions and notes


1),Airspeed: 500-1500h-1


2),Temperature: 10-80


3),Pressure: Normal pressure


4),Humidity: When remove H2S, humidity is the bigger, the better, the best is near to saturated steam, but strictly prohibit to bring water to the bed.


5),Operating: It should be replaced by feed gas before operating, and improve the pressure gradually, then move to the normal production.


6),When regenerate or replace desulfurizer, use inert gas to replace the flammable gas, down to the explosive limit. When regeneration, the air enters form the bottom of the tank, airspeed is 5-50h-1, at the prime of regeneration, the airspeed should be low. The temperature in the tank should be controlled below 110, if it is above 110, can pause air feeding, when the temperature is below 100, then go on. It can finish regeneration when the temperature of the bed is not increase, and the content of O2 in the inlet and outlet is almost the same. When replace desulfurizer, shouldn't exhaust the desulfurizer from the discharge opening in the bottom of the tank, should be exhausted after spraying cooling for safety sake.



Biogas generator


Genset working condition:

l  Acceptable working conditions:

Ambient temperature : -10℃~+40

(antifreeze or hot water needed for below -20)

Relative humidity:<90%(20℃)


Normal working conditions:

Genset can run at rated power on the conditions:

Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa, Ambient Temp: 20, Relative Humidity:30%.


l  Applied gas:

Biogas, natural gas, oilfield gas

Acceptable fuel gas pressure: 5~12kPa

CH4content: for biogas55%

Gas heat value5500kcal/Nm3 (23MJ/Nm3 ). Genset output power will increase as the gas heat value increase, if use low heat value gas for fuel(Heat value<5500kcal/Nm3, it will lower the power efficiency.

Gas doesn’t include free water or free materials (the size of impurities should be less than 5μm.)

H2S content≤200mg/Nm3

NH3 content≤20mg/Nm3

Impurities content≤30mg/Nm3;size≤5μm

Water content≤40g/Nm3, no free water.


Power range:


Standard Scope of Supply:

1. Brand new gas engine with best quality (Cummins, Hechai, Doosan)

2. Brand new brushless alternator(Leroy Somer, Stamford, Marathon, Engga)

3. Control panel (Comap, Deepsea, Harsen)

4. Radiator for 40/50 ambient temperature

5. Gas Train include Regulator valve, Electromagnetic Valve, Fire arrestor, Ball Valve

6. Ignition system

7. Speed governing system

8. Circuit breaker

9. Emergency stop mounted

10. Silencer

11. Battery, Battery cable and Battery charger

12. Standard tool box

13. Standard Accessory for installation (include bellows, silencer, flange, asbestos pad, Anti-rust water, screw )


Optional parts:

1. Soundproof Canopy (Normal canopy or container)

2. Synchronizing Parallel Cabinet

3. Cogeneration system

4. Automatic Transfer Switch

5. CH4 Detector and Alarmer

6. Automatic oil-filling system

7. Gas Filter

8. Remote radiator

9. Water heater and oil heater



Packaging & Shipping



Our Services

1. All the parts haveone year warranty.

2. We have  our engineer for overseas installation and maintenance.

3. Wehave free training for customer.



Company Information


Holly Enterprise Elec-Mech Equip. (Beijing) Co.,Ltd is a company for International trade, which export the electrical equipment and machine. The company has the rights of in charge of exporting. The registered capital of the company is one million RMB(rmb 1,000,000.00).The company was founded in 2007.Nine persons worked in the company ,which work in export department and finance department.


Our main product is electrical equipment and machine. The products is e exported to European, Middle East, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and so on. The main product: engine, generator sets, alternator, electromotor, truck, city bus and inter-city bus. The saleroom is US dollars five million twenty five thousand per year.


The enterprise spirit is “self-confidence,faithfulness,be of one mind”. The company will advance with the times,and create the future. Basic the mutual benefit and the faithfulness, we hope we can make the good relationship with the foreign friend.